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News Archive

21 Oct 07

Chatopus 2.22 adds support for Palm Centro.

25 Jun 07

Chatopus 2.21 is released! A bug fix release for non-square screen devices.

18 Jun 07

Chatopus 2.2 is released! New features are available.

3 Jun 07

Chatopus 2.16 is released. Add Treo 755p support.

23 Dec 06

Chatopus 2.15 is released!

28 Nov 06

Chatopus 2.12 is released! Treo 680 support is added.

12 Sept 06

Chatopus 2.11 is released! Wide/tall screen support for AlphaSmart Dana Wireless

18 July 06

Chatopus 2.1 Review by CanalPDA in Spanish.

22 June 06

Chatopus 2.1 is released! Chatopus can speak your instant messages! (text-to-speech)

20 June 06

A bot for FIFA World Cup 2006 is available. Just add fifaworldcup2006 You can chat it to get real-time scores.

29 May 06

Chatopus 2.04 is released. Add Treo 700p support. (2.03 is pulled back.)

14 May 06

See Chatopus Baby in action!

13 May 06

Chatopus 2.02 is released. Recommended for devices with NVFS memory.

1 Apr 06

Chatopus 2.01 is released. Install it if you have a Palm TX.

19 Mar 06

Chatopus 2.0 is released! vCard support with photos. Free upgrade to all registered users!

14 Nov 05

You can now chat with ICQ users using Chatopus in your native languages. Use one of the gateways listed on this list.

2 Nov 05

Interview with Chatopus at a Hong Kong Cantonese internet radio station, Download the archive on Oct 28 and listen to how Chatopus was developed (in Cantonese).

23 Oct 05

Chatopus 1.92 is released.

9 Oct 05

Chatopus 1.9 is released. Recommended upgrade for all users.

24 Sep 05

You can login Gizmo Project using Chatopus. See the support information.

25 Aug 05

Chatopus works with Google Talk, Google's new instant messaging service. See the featured article at treo Addicts.

16 May 05

An article about iChat and Chatopus is available here.

24 Apr 05

Chatopus 1.85 is released. We now offer two editions, English and Simplified Chinese!

28 Mar 05

Thank you for the blessings. Our Chief Developer will like to share a wedding photo with all Chatopus users. Click here.

24 Mar 05

Chatopus 1.84 is released.

19 Mar 05

Chatopus 1.83 is released.

14 Mar 05

Chatopus is listed as a 3rd party solution for

4 Mar 05

We have received a review from CanalPDA in Spanish.

26 Feb 05

Chatopus 1.82 is released with several usability enhancements and better compatibility with Treo devices. Free upgrade for all registered users.

20 Feb 05

Chief Developer of Chatopus, Tony Cheung, is getting married with Erica Wong on March 6. Congratulations to them!

14 Feb 05

Chatopus 1.81 has a serious bug when running in background. We will release a fixed version very soon. Please re-install last stable release of Chatopus 1.8.

13 Feb 05

Chatopus 1.81 is released with enhancements and bug fixes! Recommended for all users, especially Treo 650 users.

4 Feb 05

A RSS feed is now provided for users to receive up-to-date news of Chatopus. RSS

4 Feb 05

Chatopus comes bundled with the Qool QDA-700 smartphone

3 Feb 05

Thanks for users' contributions! Chatopus now provides a Chinese version of the Getting Started Guide. Chatopus articles on Jabber technologies are also available in Chinese.

12 Jan 05

Chatopus 1.8 is released with many enhancements and bug fixes! Free upgrade for all existing users.

23 Dec 04

We have released a utility, called Popup, that gives keyboard access (e.g. on Treo 600) to view new messages with your Chatopus.

24 Nov 04

We have a new article that shows you how to send SMS with Chatopus.

2 Nov 04

Chatopus 1.62 is released. palmone's Tungsten T5 is now supported! You also have one-hand operation with Chatopus and your T5.

20 Oct 04

Read this article, Using IM Bots, to add some useful bots to your Chatopus.

12 Oct 04

Chatopus 1.61 is released.

2 Oct 04

An article of Advanced Use of Jabber Transports is published. Chatopus supports logging in multiple accounts of the same type via Jabber transports.

29 Sep 04

Chatopus 1.6 is released. Several new features are added!

8 Sep 04

Chatopus 1.51 is released. This fixes some tranport or gateway registration failure.

19 Aug 04

Chatopus 1.5 is released! This release provides over-the-air Jabber account registration, as well as, gateway or transport registration. A new Getting Started guide is provided.

31 July 04

Chatopus 1.4 is introduced in PC Weekly Vol 315

16 July 04

Chatopus v1.4 is released. We have several new features. Enjoy.

26 June 04

An article of Using Jabber to receive real-time news is published. You can use Chatopus to receive real-time news!

20 June 04

A two-page review of Chatopus from a Hong Kong magazine, Hi-Tech Weekly, is posted.

13 June 04

Chatopus v1.31 is released. This is a bug fix release with minor enhancements.

1 June 04

Chatopus v1.30 is released. There is now audible alert and SSL support.

17 May 04

Chatopus is reviewed in PocketLoft

15 May 04

Chatopus is reviewed in ClieSource and PalmOneCity.

7 May 04

Chatopus v1.20 is released. Users can choose between 4 standard system-supplied fonts.

30 Apr 04

Chatopus v1.15 is released. This fixes the "Nonexistent DNS" bug.

22 Apr 04

Chatopus v1.12 is released. It provides additional character code page support.

14 Apr 04

Chatopus v1.11 is released. It provides several long-awaited features and numerous bug fixes.

29 Feb 04

Tony Cheung, author of Chatopus, has joined the Jabber Software Foundation as a member.

24 Feb 04

Chatopus v1.08 is released. This is another bug fix release.

31 Jan 04

Chatopus v1.07 is released. This is another bug fix release.

12 Jan 04

Chatopus v1.06 is released. This also celebrates the birthday of the author's girlfriend.

1 Jan 04

Chatopus v1.05 is released. Happy New Year!

12 Dec 03

Chatopus v1.03 is released. This a bug fix release.

7 Dec 03

Support page is updated with much more information. A FAQ section is also added.

27 Nov 03

Chatopus v1.02 is released. This a bug fix release.

21 Nov 03

Chatopus v1.01 is released. This fixes a potential crash.

19 Nov 03

Chatopus v1.0 is released. Open for registrations!

5 Nov 03

Chatopus beta 5c is released. This is a bug-fix release.

3 Nov 03

Chatopus beta 5 is released. Expanded screen support, including 320x480 and 480x320, is added.

15 Oct 03

Chatopus beta 4 is released. Chatopus can now runs in background!

19 Sep 03

Chatopus beta 3 is released with lots of bug fixes.

Sep 03

Chatopus beta 2 is released. Unicode support is added.

31 Aug 03

First public beta of Chatopus is released.