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Popup is a small utility, that gives you hard key or keyboard access to view your alerts, on the Palm OS platform.

Most Palm OS systems give you a flashing asterisk at the left hand corner of the screen or other indicator when an alert arrives. Users usually need to use a stylus to access them. Now, this little application allows you to invoke the Attention Manager from an application icon. In this way, by assigning this application to a hard key on your device, you can then easily view the alerts without using a stylus.

The Popup utility is freeware.

This program is mainly used as a support utility for Chatopus (, which is a Jabber client for instant messaging (IM) on the Palm OS platform. For example, by using this utility on a Palm Treo 600 smartphone, a user can press a key to view new incoming instant messages.


Version: 1.0

Release Date: Dec 23 2004

Click here to download Popup 1.0