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Contact List

Check out the online statuses of your friends or colleagues.


Chat to people in different IM networks including Jabber, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM or ICQ networks.

Instant Messages

Messages are received instantly and are displayed in a familiar style of Palm OS.

User Information

You can look up a user's information. Photos are displayed and the phone number can be clicked to dial.

Color Themes

Also works with a different color scheme to suit your taste!1

Virtual Graffiti

Support virtual graffiti. You could see a longer contact list.

Landscape Mode

Landscape mode is also supported, which makes messages easier to read.

Unicode Support

Chatopus transmit messages in unicode and display them with the local fonts. Under Palm OS Simplified Chinese edition, Chatopus can communicate in Simplified Chinese!

Different Font Sizes

Chatopus provides different font sizes, suitable for different screen size.

Context-sensitive menu

Chatopus provides the best usability. For example, a context-sensitive menu is provided.

  1. Color themes functionality requires 3rd party solutions, such as Colorize (freeware). Many handhelds, such as the Palm Tungsten T3, already has this functionality built-in.